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HUMAN is associated with the scientific field of ergonomics and human factors, and especially digital human modelling and simulation. Within HUMAN, research is performed about how simulation, optimization, and digitalization methods and technologies can contribute to efficient consideration of ergonomics, both in the design and operation of future production systems.


In collaboration with the partner companies and the other subject areas, connections between the virtual and real world are developed, as well as solutions for the VF-KDO multi-level approach, eventually leading to solutions for improved consideration of ergonomics in future factories.

Dan Högberg, Professor,, +46 (0)500-448549

Human in VF-KDO

HUMAN contributes by incorporating the human factors perspective, mainly related to physical ergonomics, into the VF-KDO research profile and the associated methods and technologies investigated and developed. Hence, the objective is that engineers utilising the VF-KDO approach will be provided with functional and usable decision support that makes it more easy and efficient to make balanced decisions to ensure appropriate levels of ergonomics. Examples of concrete initial research actions are (to investigate and develop methods and tools for): Human anthropometry, motion, and task representation by the means of digital human modelling or motion capture technology. Representation of work force diversity. Ergonomic evaluations in the CAD/virtual, immersive virtual, augmented, or real world, based on a range of different exposure variables and criteria. Simulation-based multi-objective optimization of ergonomics and production.

Human Publications
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