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In PROCESS we develop virtual models of machining processes. The idea is to use these models in the process planning phase to design and plan the manufacturing processes of specific components. This means that we want to determine suitable machines with their fixturing and cutting parameters.


The main benefit is that we can test many different scenarios virtually without performing costly and time consuming experiments. In addition, we can optimize the process from cost or productivity perspective.


Tobias Andersson,, +46 (0)500-448572

Process in VF-KDO

The current focus is on developing Finite Element Analyses models of various metal cutting processes, validating the models by conducting experiments on real applications with an intention to use the model for optimization. In VF-KDO the plan is to increase the complexity of the modelling to include fixtures, machine components, etc. This will lead to more accurate models that take into account more details, such as the flexibility of the fixtures, which affect the cutting process. Since the FEA models are computationally expensive, sometimes requiring several hours of run, related research on metamodeling is great importance and will be utilized.

Process Publications
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