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INTERACT stands for Interactive Visual Analytics for Improved Decision Support. The subject area deals with established and advanced techniques for information visualization, with a strong focus on interactiveness. In the context of optimization and knowledge-driven optimization (KDO), this information can refer to either the solution space or the knowledge extracted from the solutions.


The ultimate goal of INTERACT is to build confidence and trust by enabling  decision-makers to explore virtual solutions before one is chosen for implementation.


Maria Riveiro,

Sunith Bandaru,, +46 (0)500-448506

Interact in VF-KDO

INTERACT will act as the bridge between OPT-KNOW and decision makers. The subject area is responsible for developing interactive visualization techniques that can present optimization data and different types of knowledge to the decision makers in an intuitive manner. Additionally, the subject area will develop new ways for the users/decision-makers to interact with information. INTERACT will utilize the latest Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) hardware technologies to provide improved collaborative decision support.

INTERACT together with OPT-KNOW and LINK, will provide the scientific tools and techniques for knowledge discovery, knowledge visualization, interactive decision support and KDO applications to be undertaken within the other four subject areas.

Interact Publications
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