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Industrial Path Solutions - Intelligently Moving Manikins

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Hanson, L., Högberg, D., Carlson, J. S., Delfs, N., Brolin, E., Mårdberg, P., … Ore, F. (2019). Industrial Path Solutions – Intelligently Moving Manikins. In DHM and Posturography (pp. 115–124).


Industrial Path Solutions—Intelligently Moving Manikins (IPS IMMA) is a digital human modeling tool developed in close cooperation between academia and industry in Sweden. The academic consortium behind the software consists of expertise within applied mathematics, ergonomics, and engineering. The development of IMMA was initiated from the vehicle industries' need of an effective, efficient, objective, and user-friendly software program for verification of manufacturing ergonomics. The “Industrial Path Solutions—Intelligently Moving Manikins” chapter consists of two main sections: the first about the commercially available tool and the second about current or recent research projects developing the software further. Access publication.

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