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FLOW, integrates the virtual manufacturing tools and provide strategic, tactical and operational decision support at various levels of a manufacturing organization, e.g. station, shop/line, plant etc. The aim is to look at different levels holistically, e.i. study the interdependence of variables and objectives from different levels and different modelling domains, using multi-level optimization. Multi-level optimization will allow finer control over the objectives at any given level by enabling variation of the factors at the lower levels. Thus, through multi-level optimization the performance measures at various levels can be optimized and aligned. Highlighting and eliminating any contradictory measures between the levels and aligning the organizations performance measures towards common goals.

Contact: Tehseen Aslam,, +46 (0)500-448578

Flow in VF-KDO

FLOW seeks to investigate the right combinations of multi-disciplinary modeling techniques for the optimization of operational flow, addressing shop, plant and supply chain levels, as well as the interaction with the station and process levels supported separately inthe areas ROBOT and PROCESS.

Flow Publications
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