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Within LINK, research will be conducted to define a new data provenance model and a knowledge management system that engineers in industry can use to search and trace the dependencies of the virtual models, their simulation/optimization results and knowledge generated from KDO, before retrieving them for the purpose of re-use.


As proposed by the VF-KDO multi-level approach, the LINK database model structure will be able to incorporate the multi-level character of the virtual models. This will allow the drill-down from plant level models to shops, stations, and machines, or the roll-up along the multi-level hierarchy.


Amos Ng, Professor,, +46 (0)500-448541

Link in VF-KDO

The subject area LINK investigates the following research questions: What types of simulation and optimization models need to be managed? What are their variables and objective functions in different levels? LINK will also address the questions of how the creation context (=provenance) of such models can be stored, in order to evaluate the utility of the models and their results. Further LINK will investigate which ontologies and standards exist to semantically enrich the model data stored in the LINK database.

Link Publications
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