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Demo day videos - views from VF-KDO research

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

First off, thank you to everyone who participated at our demo day on November 25th. Or, are you one of those who missed the event? Here is your chance to watch all seven demonstrators! A demonstrator is a physical or virtual prototype that demonstrates the practical value of a research result. For more information about the demo-day, please visit this page.

The demonstrators

1. Robotic cell layout and configuration optimization using OPT, ABB RobotStudio and Microsoft HoloLens.

Presented by Bernard Schmidt and Ingemar Karlsson.


2. Conveyor line optimization by using OPT and Flexlink Design Simulator.

Presented by Tommy Fassberg from FlexLink, Amos Ng and Adrian S.O. Torroba.


3. Multi-objective optimization of tool indexing problem (MOOTIP): results with Volvo Car Engine indexing optimization and solutions visualization by using HoloLens smart glasses.

Presented by Kaveh Amouzgar and Ingemar Karlsson.


4. Optimization of ergonomics and productivity using EPP, IPS IMMA and OPT - Use case at Scania Smart Factory.

Presented by Aitor Iriondo Pascual and Dan Högberg.


5. Case from Volvo Group will show how human-robot collaboration can be improved with the support of virtual manufacturing and VR.

Presented by Niklas Land and Anna Syberfeldt.


6. Knowledge discovery and visualization using flexible pattern mining in the OPT Browser.

Presented by Henrik Smedberg and Sunith Bandaru.


7. Linking engineering activities, virtual models, knowledge and decisions together with Manage-Link.

Presented by Iman Morshedzadeh and Henrik Smedberg.

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