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Achieving Circular and Efficient Production Systems: Emerging Challenges

Cases Mélanie Despeisse, Arpita Chari, Clarissa Alejandra González Chávez, Xiaoxia Chen, Björn Johansson, Victor Igelmo Garcia, Anna Syberfeldt, Tarek Abdulfatah & Alexey Polukeev. Achieving Circular and Efficient Production Systems: Emerging Challenges from Industrial Advances in Production Management Systems. Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable and Resilient Production Systems: IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2021, Nantes, France, September 5–9, 2021, Proceedings, Part IV. 2021.

As the need for more responsible production and consumption grows quickly, so does the interest in the concepts of eco-efficiency and circularity. To make swift progress towards sustainability, solutions must be developed and deployed at scale. It is therefore critical to understand the challenges faced by industry to accelerate the uptake of best practices for circular and efficient production systems. This paper presents the emerging issues from three industrial pilots in an on-going collaborative project. We discuss and suggest further work around crucial questions such as: How to deploy circular solutions from lab to industrial scale? How can digitalization support efficient circular processes?

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