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VF-KDO builds tailored war room to enable virtual decision making

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

In December of last year we presented our vision about building a Virtual Decision Making (VDM) room at ASSAR. It is identical to the “war room” concept in business or industry: equipped with big screens surrounding the inside of the room and VR/AR devices for the participants to have group meetings that involve strategic, tactical and decision-making activities.

VDM room up for rent

Nonetheless, the VDM room will have a stark contrast with an ordinary war room: it will be used, not only to demonstrate our unique simulation, optimization and group decision-making support methodology introduced in VF-KDO, but allow industrial partners and companies to borrow/hire the room for their decision-making activities with the support of technical staff from ASSAR and the The University of Skövde.

The architect’s design for the VDM Room at ASSAR.


...that an analyst has run a many-objective optimization on a 3D robotic cell design model and generated a large set of optimized trade-off solutions. A group of manufacturing managers/executives, sitting in the room, everyone is wearing a HoloLens. One of them points to a solution that s/he prefers to check the value of the decision variables representing the configuration of the robot cell design. By clicking the screen on the wall, the 3D model of the solution will be visualized on the HoloLens so that everyone, in the room (and remotely connecting to the room through the Internet) can view the design in her/his own perspective.

In line with the goal of VF-KDO

By supporting this way of ‘transparent’ group decision-making process with the support of state-of-the-art VR/AR and visualization technologies, combined with our unique many-objective optimization and knowledge extraction methods, the industry will experience and has the possibility to utilize a novel way of designing/improving their manufacturing systems, which is the goal of VF-KDO.

Grand opening

We can now proudly announce that the grand opening of the VDM room is scheduled to take place on November 25th when we will organize meetings with our partner companies and the international scientific committee.

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