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SPS2022 - Special track: program GMT-Generic methods and tools for future production

Are you interested in the results from the research on future tools and methods in production? On April 28, 2022, it is time for the projects within the program GMT-Generic methods and tools for future production, to present their research results. This will be done at the Swedish Production Symposium 2022, 26-29 April.

During the years 2016 to 2021, SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research) has financed eight framework grants with a total of SEK 250 million. Now that the projects are near completion, research results, their applications in industry and society as well as future research issues, will be presented during the symposium in Skövde.

The areas that will be presented on this track are:

  • Electronics and battery on paper

  • Graphene for sensors and electronics

  • Nanotechnology for steelmaking

  • 3D additive nanoproduction with laser

  • The robot / human factory of the future

  • Factories and products in the cloud

  • Manufacture of new biocomposites

  • New processes and materials for additive manufacturing.

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