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Proposed research academy Smart Industry - invitation to an information day

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Five higher education institutions* are making a joint application for a research school for companies with the purpose of meeting the industry’s needs for top-class labour. Welcome to a day of information and launching of the Smart Industry Research school on April 24 at 09.00 at the University of Skövde. You will have an opportunity to meet many of the institutes involved, interested industry representatives, and research students.

The Smart Industry Research Academy is a large, national effort in the field of smart industry, and it involves a close collaboration between the industry and the academy. The academy consists of a wide group of experts, from the industry and the academy, and by educating the future key people of the industry they will contribute to taking the Swedish industry into the future.

- We need to make sure that Swedish industry strengthens its knowledge and skills in order to maintain Sweden's competitive edge. Smart Industry will bring together a close group of research students who will be the key people of the future industrial and academic collaboration in Sweden. The variety of research within the Research Academy is unique, in that five higher education institutions come together and share their frontier research in the field of smart industry, says Mats Jägstam, Deputy Vice Chancellor for collaboration and Programme Manager for INFINITat the University of Skövde.

Smart Industry Research Fields

It has been four years since the current research academy IPSI started at the University of Skövde, and we note that both the companies and the 13 doctoral students have found this effort highly valuable. In Smart Industry, industry doctoral students will be offered research opportunities in five cluster fields:

  • Smart / sustainable materials and manufacturing methods

  • Smart products and processes through e.g. digitalization

  • Smart production technology for flexible / agile / changeable production systems

  • Smart working methods for fast / effective product manufacturing / industrialization

  • Effective development of quality / maintenance /productivity towards smart production

Time line - From application to start of the study

Applications for financial support from Smart Industry should be sent to The Knowledge Foundation. This is the time line:

  • July 1, Application completed

  • August 15, Deadline letters of Intent from the companies involved

  • October 30, Preliminary decision

  • December 13, Knowledge Foundation decision

  • Spring of 2020 Identify and accept students

  • Autumn 2020 Commence studies

Learn more on April 24

April 24, the University of Skövde hosts a launching and information day for Smart Industry. Enjoy an opportunity to meet with the initiators and get more details on the scope and content. What does it mean for a company to join with a doctoral student and what are the requirements? In addition, you get a chance to meet with our industry doctoral students from ISPI, our current research academy, to learn more about their experiences.

Location: The University of Skövde, room TBA.

Time: 09:30-15:00.

Programme April 24

09:30 Registration, small talk, coffee and sandwich

10:00 Introduction by Vice Chancellor for Collaboration Mats Jägstam, University of Skövde 10:15 Presentation of the concept for Smart Industry by Mats Jägstam and Mats Jackson (Jönköping University)

11:00 Continued group discussions by SI cluster areas

11:45 University of Skövde's research academy IPSI presents content and experiences

12:00 Lunch

13:00 What are the corporate benefits, and what are the requirements?

13:30 Group discussions on possible content by SI's cluster areas No designated groups

14:15 Coffee and snacks

14:30 Group presentations on thoughts and ideas from the group discussions

15:00 Re-cap and closing

* University of Skövde, Jönköping University, University West, Halmstad University, and Mid Sweden University, will, together with the Knowledge Foundation, offer doctoral studies for individuals in the industry, with focus on Smart Industry.



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