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Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb on VF-KDO's contribution to research

It was a truly great day last Wednesday when it was time for our half-time seminar, a day full of inspiring presentations from our researchers. With us this day was Kalyanmoy Deb, a world-leading professor in Data Science, who has followed the profile since its start in 2018. We kindly asked him to give us his thoughts about our profile:

- VF-KDO profile started with a goal of discovering and utilizing inherent knowledge embedded in engineering systems from factory data using modern methods of artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent computational methods. During the first half of its tenure, it has not only met the set expectations with a large number of publications, working codes, other tangible outcomes, the profile has also trained a number of young researchers, provided a fertile platform for collaborations between academia and industries, and attracted attention and appreciation from international experts on the field. In my opinion, the profile is on excellent hands from leadership to learners and the second half is now ready to consolidate the ideas, venture into new and emergent concepts, and showcase an ideal industry-academic collaboration at its most beneficial form.

From left: Professors Anna Syberfeldt, Kalyanmoy Deb and Amos Ng.

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