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New project will develop a multi-user arena for industrial workspaces

The ongoing electrification of the automotive industry will initially lack competence, it is new knowledge that is required to take the automotive industry to the next phase. In order to speed up both skill development and skill exchange within the industry, Vinnova grated project PLENUM (PLENary multi-User development arena for industrial workspaces) funding in September 2022. University of Skövde is part of this project.

The PLENUM-project, coordinated by Chalmers University of Technology AB, will provide the industry with an easy-to-use, cost-effective and interactive 3D environment, in other words, a digital twin of the factory shall be created.

The environment can be used for development, workplace design, skills development and ergonomic analysis and will be able to include thousands of users. By building the factory digitally, the industry will be able to do the work in the virtual factory and then translate it into reality when the factories are put into operation.

Create efficient factories

PLENUM enables better and more efficient factories in terms of economic performance with less emissions and more human-centered workplace design. PLENUM also enables inclusive design for all staff as well as efficient industrial 3D development environment, significantly reducing the need for travel as factories can be visited online.

You can read more about this project at the University of Skövde's website.

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