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New project will analyze the interactions between digital systems and the physical world

The new research project ACCURATE 4.0 is closely affiliated to VF-KDO and conducted at the Univeristy of Skövde. The project aims at developing methods, computer-based tools, and technologies that could facilitate the transition of the manufacturing industry toward agility and digitalization as the key enabling factors of Industry 4.0.

The project team will try to find out if it is possible, with the target users’ satisfaction and safety in focus, to integrate optimization-enabled Digital Twins with Augmented Reality and other advanced sensing technologies to drive manufacturing companies toward a more agile configuration and operation in the industry 4.0 era. This will be done by analyzing the interactions between digital systems and the physical world.

Project partners

ACCURATE will be conducted in close collaboration with its industry partners; ABB, GKN Aerospace, Xylem Water Solutions and Volvo Penta. The project target advanced manufacturing places where humans, robots, and machines work collaboratively to overcome the production challenges caused by mass customization as well as to enhance efficiency, operator safety and satisfaction.

Three sub-projects

The project includes three sub-projects, namely Line Balancing Optimization (LBO), Dynamic bottleneck analysis (DBA), and User-centered Technological Innovation (UTI). The LBO subproject mainly concerns the optimal allocation of work tasks and resources. The DBA is targeted at analyzing the entire production flow on the shop floor, identifying the bottlenecks, and providing optimal solutions for smoothing the production fellow. The UTI takes care of safety and satisfaction by developing Augmented Reality technology to support safe human-robot interaction, assist operators, collect data, and visualize information.


The project if founded by the Knowledge Foundation, Univeristy of Skövde, ABB AB, GKN Aero space, Xylem Water Solutions Sweden AB, Volvo Penta

More information

For more information about the project, don't hesitate to contact the Project leader: Masood Fathi, Associate Professor of Production Engineering, University of Skövde.

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