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Lunch seminar: Industry 4.0 - AI-supported Smart Manufacturing

Would you like to know more about Industry 4.0? Then this lunch seminar is for you. On January 28th the Univeristy of Skövde invites Professor Lihui Wang from KTH to will talk about the emergence of industry 4.0, challenges and opportunities. Welcome!

When: Friday, January 28, at 12:00 - 13:00

Where: Via Zoom

Language English

For you: who want to know more about industry 4.0. This is an orienteering event.

About the seminar

We often encounter words like digitization, industry 4.0, AI and smart systems both in the news and in the trade press. In this seminar, Lihui Wang, professor at KTH in Stockholm, talks about the emergence of what is called industry 4.0 and in-depth technologies such as AI and how it can support a smart industry. This evolution presents us and the industry with challenges and opportunities.

In this seminar, you will have the opportunity to take part in this development and learn more about the challenges and opportunities we face today. This seminar is arranged together with the student association ESS at the University of Skövde.


Magnus Holm, University of Skövde, 0500-448551



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