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Today's manufacturing industry faces tough competition. Producing high-quality products efficiently at a low cost is crucial, but it's also important to adapt manufacturing to changing customer needs and be able to reconfigure production. Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz has investigated how such manufacturing can be optimised.

Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz
Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz

In a rapidly changing global market, manufacturing companies are up against a challenging task: how to produce high-quality goods at minimal cost while quickly adapting to constantly changing customer demands and market variations. This is where Ph.D. student Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz comes into play.

A New Decision-Making Method

In his PhD thesis “Simulation-based Multi-Objective Optimization for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems” Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz has explored how simulation-based multi-objective optimisation (SMO) can be applied to reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMS).

In the modern manufacturing industry, flexibility has become essential. The market can be hard to predict, customer needs change, and product requirements shift. RMS is a way to address this. But it's not without its challenges.

"An RMS is very complex, and companies that use such systems struggle with how the system should be configured, how resources should be allocated, and which machines should be used and when. SMO can be a way to address the challenges" says Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz.

Meeting the Challenge of Designing and Managing Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

The challenge lies in configuring an RMS efficiently, more specifically, deciding on the required number of resources, their allocation, and the task assignments. These complexities have prevented many manufacturing companies from fully embracing the approach, but many of these challenges can be addressed with SMO.

Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz's work demonstrates the significant advantages that arise when SMO is applied to the design and management of RMS.

"By harnessing the power of simulation, SMO allows decision-makers to explore a variety of scenarios and identify the most efficient configuration strategies" says Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz.

Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz defends his thesis “Simulation-based Multi-Objective Optimization for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems” at the University of Skövde on Friday, September 8, 2023.

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