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Collaboration for the Future of Grain Handling

In a world where efficiency and sustainability are keywords for success, researchers and industrial companies work hand in hand to meet challenges and create innovative solutions. One such collaboration within VF-KDO is taking place between the University of Skövde, ABB and Skandia Elevator, industry leader in conveying grain.

Project participants from the University of Skövde, ABB, and Skandia Elevator meet to review the feasibility study that has identified challenges to address in Skandia Elevator's production.

“The purpose of this partnership is to integrate research results directly into practice. It is important that research benefits society, and this collaboration exemplifies this in a good way. By working closely together, we ensure that research results are relevant and useful for the industry,” says Magnus Holm, Senior Lecturer in Automation Engineering and one of the researchers involved in the project.

Managing varying product volumes and processes

At the heart of this collaboration is the challenge of efficiently managing varying product volumes and processes. Traditional manufacturing methods meet new demands for flexibility and automation. It's about creating workstations that are not only flexible enough to handle different products but also safe and ergonomic for people to work at in collaboration with robots.

An important part of the collaboration is to develop technology and methods for handling the varying product volumes. This includes both software solutions and physical robots that can adapt to different tasks while working safely and efficiently close to humans.

For Skandia Elevator, it's about finding solutions that enable them to handle the varying product volume without needing to be experts in all areas. This means that the equipment and work methods must be flexible enough to adapt to different products and processes.

For the University of Skövde, the collaboration represents an opportunity to apply research in a real industrial environment while gaining insight into the challenges and needs of the industry.

“It's a win-win situation”

“It's a win-win situation where both parties benefit from each other's knowledge and experience. By combining academic expertise with practical industry knowledge, we jointly create value,” says Magnus Holm.

Looking ahead, this collaboration means that a study is underway in 2024 to explore possible solutions to the identified challenges.

The collaboration between the University of Skövde, ABB and Skandia Elevator demonstrates the power of combining research and industry to solve complex problems and create sustainable solutions for the future. With a strong focus on collaboration and innovation, they are ready to meet the challenges faced by the rapidly changing industry.



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