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Bringing together Lean and simulation: a comprehensive review, International Journal of Production R

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Goienetxea, A., Ng, A. H. C., & Urenda Moris, M. (2020). Bringing together Lean and simulation : a comprehensive review. International Journal of Production Research. Taylor & Francis Group.


Lean is and will still be one of the most popular management philosophies in the Industry 4.0 context and simulation is one of its key technologies. Many authors discuss about the benefits of combining Lean and simulation to better support decision makers in system design and improvement. However, there is a lack of reviews in the domain. Therefore, this paper presents a four-stage comprehensive review and analysis of existing literature on their combination. The aim is to identify the state of the art, existing methods and frameworks for combining Lean and simulation, while also identifying key research perspectives and challenges. Access publication.

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