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Apply now: Customized courses for industry professionals

Production is becoming increasingly complex and the industry is in need of continuous development as a result of the increasing demand for digitization, sustainability and competence. At the same time, there are plenty of research results that contribute to faster development, but far too few professionals with the skills to drive the implementation. Now it's time to reduce this gap by training and upskilling the industry professionals! Apply for any of the courses within Virtual Factory.

We know that it is difficult to set aside time for studies. Therefore, the courses we offer are flexible, which means that most are given online and given in a pace so that you have time to combine work, studies and your private life.

The University of Skövde offer the following courses

  • Possibilities and Benefits of Simulation for Decision Support (4 ECTS)

  • Optimization methods for industry (4 ECTS)

  • Human-Robot Collaboration through Integrated Virtual Tools (6 ECTS)

  • Business Intelligence data-driven organizations(3 ECTS)

  • Integrated Virtual Commissioning (4 ECTS)

More information about each course within Virtual Factory can be found at the University of Skövde's webpage.

Education for everyone

These courses are aimed at those who work in industry including both large or international companies as well as smaller SME's. The courses develop skills and thus provide individuals with better attributes and capabilities to meet current and future challenges. To ensure that the educational content is demand-driven and that it maintains the right level as well as flexibility, it is carried out in close collaboration with industrial companies.

Sounds interesting?

Everything you need to know, including how to apply for the courses can be found at the University of Skövde's webpage under courses for professionals. Follow this link and we'll direct you to the course package for Virtual Factory

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