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Aims to positively affect the well-being of the humans, and the economy

Just two weeks ago, Ph.D student Aitor Iriondo Pascual had his half-time seminar, an element that all doctoral students go through. It focuses on progress, feedback and learning rather than results, assessment and control. VF-KDO checked in with Aitor to see how he is feeling now, after recently presenting his research titled "Simulation-Based Multi-Objective Optimization of Ergonomics and Productivity".

How do you feel? Did it go as planned?

- The presentation worked well, despite the complexity of presenting online due to the Coronavirus situation. The opponent made very interesting points that I am sure will be really helpful for the rest of my thesis. I also want to thank my supervisors for engaging questions from the audience and chairing the session.

Aitor Iriondo Pascual. Photo: University of Skövde.
Aitor Iriondo Pascual. Photo: University of Skövde.

Tell us more about your resarch

- My research is about optimizing worker well-being and productivity concurrently. On the one side, in industry, productivity is one of the most important factors in order to increase benefits. On the other side, the work-related musculoskeletal injuries are related to high costs and sick leaves. Therefore, the sustainable work-life is something that we all aim to achieve, to not only live long, but also to live well. In my research I want to investigate on the potential benefits of considering workers’ well-being when a workstation or a production line is designed, both for the health of the workers and the economy of the industry. My aim is to develop optimization tools that allow designers consider the worker well-being when designing a workstation or a production line.

Why is your research important?

- Optimization of the worker well-being is a new topic, something that until now it has only been considered to validate a workstation. However, this might lead to sub-optimal results, both for workers and the industry. That is why this research could bring potential benefits to both of them.

How will your research affect the human and industry?

- It will directly affect positively the well-being of the humans, workers in this case, and the economy of the industry.

What do you see in the future within the research field?

- The ideal future would be to use optimization tools and obtain design solutions for the workplace that benefit both the well-being and the productivity of the industry.

What are your plans?

- I will continue collaborating with the industrial partners in the actual and future projects, while developing a framework and a software that will allow to automatically improve the workers well-being and productivity of the industry concurrently, concludes Aitor Iriondo Pascual.

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