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Research Profile


FlexLink is a leading automation expert providing material flow solutions for trouble free operations to manufacturers and machine builders, all over the world. We has been increasing our customers’ production efficiency for almost 40 years, innovating cutting-edge solutions for transportation and handling. Our aim is clear – we add value to every step of the process, whether it concerns design, installation of new lines or optimization of existing ones.

FlexLink’s goal is to together with the other companies involved in the project develop a standard and state of the art method to enable smooth transactions from design to control. Optimization of the design and controls should be a part of the process. The method should be easy to use and rather involve configurations than programming. The project will be based on real systems and incorporated into our day-to-day tools and products. This will ensure a success of the project.

Within VF-KDO we aim to:

  • Add optimization and emulation to our toolbox

  • Develop method for smooth transaction from design to controls

  • Automatically generate control logic based on configuration

  • Test and validate solutions both internally and externally

FlexLink Facts

FlexLink has operating units in 30 and is represented in more than 60 countries. As part of Coesia, we are connected to a group of 21 companies with over 9000 employees. The Coesia group consists of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies, operating globally. The companies are leaders in sectors of advanced automated machinery and packaging materials, industrial process solutions and precision gears.

FlexLink in Numbers

  • 1166 employees

  • Operating units in 30 countries

  • Partner network in more than 60 countries

  • More than 8000 installations worldwide; many for leading brands within FMCG, healthcare, automotive and electronics.

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