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A hybrid simulation-based optimization framework supporting strategic maintenance development

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Linnéusson, G., Ng, A. H. C., & Aslam, T. (2020). A hybrid simulation-based optimization framework for supporting strategic maintenance to improve production performance. European Journal of Operational Research, 281(2), 402–414.


Managing maintenance and its impact on business results is increasingly complex, calling for more advanced operational research methodologies to address the challenge of sustainable decision-making. This problem-based research has identified a framework of methods to supplement the operations re- search/management science literature by contributing a hybrid simulation-based optimization framework (HSBOF), extending previously reported research. Overall, it is the application of multi-objective optimization (MOO) with system dynamics (SD) and discrete-event simulation (DES) respectively which allows maintenance activities to be pinpointed in the production system based on analyzes generating less reactive work load on the maintenance organization. Read at Elsevier.

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